Mid winter training blues and the habits to reclaim your fitness routine!

Dragging your body out of bed for training can be really tough. "No no no" is what my mind tells me. To quote Mas Oyama, "the mind leads the energy in the body and the energy leads the flesh". So my mind is very successfully telling me to stay in bed!

So how do we begin a training day when our feelings look like this?

Do you feel like getting out of bed....no

Do you feel motivated to train .......no

Do you feel ready to experience threshold.....no

The answer is to create a habit that is so entrenched the body just DOES IT.

Mel Robbins in her book "The 5 Second Rule" has created a simple solution that ensures your mind doesn't sabotage your best intentions. After 30 days of this practice you will have created a HABIT.

Simply count backwards 5, 4, 3,2, 1 and Go. ACT immediately on whatever intention you have. When we focus on the action rather than thoughts or feelings we simply just begin.

Use the 5 Second Rule anytime you experience inaction, fear or hesitation and track your progress with the apps below for 30 days to create a habit. Getting up will now be EASY!

Use the daily habits tracker to begin your 30 days of building a better routine:




Hear more from Mel Robbins: https://youtu.be/supVPLOHWPg

With patience and a simple just do it attitude, the old habits will fade away and your new training routine will transform your fitness levels.

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