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70.3 / Ironman 4 Week Program

Whats Next:

Purchase your starter pack here and Simon will email you a profile form to fill out and return.

Simon will review you answers and contact you via phone to discuss your training and racing in more detail

From here the coach will set up your Training Peaks premium account and send your login detail via email

When you recieve your first week of training program, check over it and contact the coach for a chat

The early phase will include baseline testing that will set your heart rate, power and pace zones for each discipline. You have unlimited access to the coach and are welcome to call for questions as often as you like. The coach will comment on your sessions as you go inside Training Peaks and build your training in line with your fitness and progression. Everything including video instruction for drills and a seperate athletes specific strength, conditioning app are ready to go.

The coach avoids over loading with information in the early phase of training, it really is about having a great experience that ensures you love the journey and get hooked on the diversity and highly personalised training! 




    70.3 / Ironman 4 Week Program

      • Starting 4 weeks personal training program 
      • Jarasport hoodie (see in shop)
      • Training peaks premium account
      • Baseline testing (heart, power, pace zones)
      • Unlimited correspondance with your coach 
      • Training plan payments via Paypal or BSB 
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