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Silicone Pro Training Fins

Unlock your potential and elevate your training sessions with our Pro and Intermediate silicone kick fins.

Jarasport's dedicated to innovation and quality to provide you with the fastest training kick fins available on the market today.

Pro-level silicone kick fins:

Crafted for ultimate performance, our Pro silicone kick fins are designed to enhance kicking economy and speed. Through an exclusive collaboration between Jarasport and the manufacturer, we have meticulously refined the design, incorporating a unique density silicone construction that maximises propulsion. The result is a pair of kick fins that are unmatched in terms of speed and efficiency, making them the fastest choice for professional swimmers seeking to take their training to the next level.

Intermediate-level silicone kick fins:

Experience the perfect balance of performance and progression with our Intermediate silicone kick fins. These fins have been expertly engineered to facilitate skill development and advancement in the water. Through extensive testing and collaboration, Jarasport has successfully created kick fins that strike the ideal balance between comfort and propulsion. With shaped lower-density silicone construction, these fins are optimized to improve kicking technique and increase speed in the water.


Silicone Pro Training Fins

Pro=Heavy Intermediate= Light
  • Small ....   UK    36-38

    Medium...UK    39-41

    Large....    UK    42-43

    X-Large... UK    44-46

    If unsure call Simon 0402 827986 

  • $15 flat rate shipping Australia wide.
    Free shipping on orders over $100.00

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