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 Change the way you move on road, trail or track 

If you've hit a wall with injury or reached a speed plateau, this is for you. Just two sessions will give you the skills to economical fast running. Strength, mobility and muscle recruitment is assessed from the ground up.We identify and target the specific skills and learning that will rebuild your economy toward lifelong injury free run performance.


As a coach I often see inefficient run habits that  

reinforce poor form. This lack of movement awareness can be up skilled by segmenting then rebuilding a new economy 

  • Simon re-tunes posture, muscle activation and coordination with clear instruction

  • Personalised drills to re-build form and awareness. These work together to refine economy and speed.

  • Simon will identify flaws and deliver step by step solutions that ensure injury free fast running.

 WHAT YOU GET                              

  • Video analysis

  • Stride angles and gait analysis

  • Sweet spot run metrics

  • Training program delivered daily with video presentation of your drills

  • Activation, mobility and stretch routines

  • Ongoing skills program matched to you 

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