Swimming Hand Paddles (Small / Medium / Large)

Used by professional swim teams, this is the best shape to maximise economy and improve catch, stroke mechanics and strength.

> Large is best for advanced swimmers holding sub 90sec 100mtrs ...longer aerobic reps

> Medium works for most levels of swimmer big or small with grounded swimmming skills sub 2.15s for 100m

> Small for junior swimmers, begginers and advanced Sprint Fly and Breast swimmers training speed work


Swimming Hand Paddles (Small / Medium / Large)

AU$38.50 Regular Price
AU$30.80Sale Price
  • A rigid plastic hand paddle that combines carefully placed water holes with a flat design to build strength and provide stability in the catch phase of your stroke. This flat paddle design is the most widely used shape for professional athletes.

    Flat hand paddles create even pressure through the palm and fingers, allowing a natural stroke pattern. Paddles that are shaped to correct poor form are training poor form!! This flat paddle design is the most widely used shape for professional athletes.. Advanced athletes select small paddles for sprint work and butterfly and large for strength endurance. Intermediate swimmers and advanced athletes under 60kg choose medium size paddles. While small paddles are for intermediate athletes under 60kg or begginer athletes.

Head coach : Simon Knowles

0402 827 986



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